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When a Vapor in search of a business or a business in search of a vapor comes to this website our goal is to offer every resource they would need to aid them in their vaping journey. I the owner and developer take great pride in my work so I have been exploring the web development phase of my geeky endeavor for 4 years and will not stop until i realize I will never have the ability to know everything. I won’t stop basically… I started a company called Public Relations Done Right 4 years back to bring the online marketing knowledge to the small mom and pop and start to break some pavement and some “Big Money” Company’s. We bring with this website is what I like to call the Trifecta +1 which contains of backlinks to your website and the ability to optimize the the link directed back to your website. We offer an online forum where you can have a bunch of people in your shop; log in and have a conversation about your company for the “3rd party testimonial” and last, but not least we offer the ability for you to sell your products on our site for a flat fee or FREE if you purchase our stick listing. :)) I am excited!!! I hope you are too!

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