Smoking Vapors Electronic Cigar

January 6, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ E Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigars by Smoking Vapor

Smoking Vapor Produces the Best Electronic Cigar?

In this e-cigar smokers “Opinion” I feel this is true!

I recently had the opportunity to review some of products and the one that stuck out the most was the E-Cigar or Electronic Cigar and I would have to say it is probably one of
the best electronic cigar products I have had the pleasure of vaping on. This electronic cigar is one of Electronic Cigars by Smoking Vaporthe most quality made electronic tobacco replacement products I have come across ever!!!

The conversation I had with the gentlemen at Smoking Vapor was definitely unique and very pleasant. I asked a few questions just to see where his vision was with his brand “Smoking Vapor” and he explained that he isn’t in it for the money, but for “the accomplishment of providing a quality made product that people can enjoy and have fun using.” This I have to commend him on because he has succeeded with the quality of this electronic cigar and I am sure with the other products I will be reviewing soon.
The cigar is a grape tasting on inhale and a cigar tobacco after taste. It’s so much like the real thing it’s unbelievable. I suggest that anyone who is a cigar aficionado try it because there is nothing like it in the electronic cigarette industry right now believe me I looked…